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5. Animal Attacks
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Legal situations involving accidents where you have been injured can be very stressful to both you and your family. Let our team take the burden off your shoulders and help. With near 20 years of legal experience, our firm will get justice for you.

We have been successfully Protecting Your Rights on the Road to Recovery since 1999. Experience goes a long way. When you find yourself in the middle of a legal situation and need help from a qualified attorney in Clearwater, FL, contact Puzzanghera Law Offices.

$850,000 Car Accident
Our client was stopped at the red light on Gibsonton Drive, Hillsborough County and was rear-ended by the defendant at the high rate of speed
$600,000 Car Accident
Our client was traveling at approximately 40 MPH when the defendant entered his path of travel. Our client attempted to avoid the impact by applying his brakes and slightly veering to the right but our client’s vehicle struck the defendant’s vehicle on the front right with the front end of his vehicle.
$497,000 Car Accident
Our client was in the right lane on Gulf to Bay Boulevard, Clearwater and had to stop suddenly. The defendant crashed into the rear end of our client’s vehicle.
$400,000 Car Accident
Our client was rear-ended by the defendant, causing significant damage to both vehicles
Auto Accidents

If you have been in a car accident, you should speak with a car accident lawyer as soon as you can.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle crashes involve unique issues of liability.

Bus Accidents

When city bus or a school bus is involved in an accident there is great potential for serious injury.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle riding is common form of commuting, as well as a favorite leisure activity.

Truck Accidents

In accidents involving commercial trucks the issues raised are often more complex than those of other automobile accidents.

Swimming Pool Accidents

In Florida, swimming pool accidents are a common occurrence.

our clients

While driving with my two young daughters as passengers, I was stopped and waiting to make a turn when I was rear-ended by a driver who did not have liability insurance. My daughters and I suffered injuries as a result of the collision and had to look to my insurance to pay the cost of our medical care. My insurance company refused to pay the benefits to which we were entitled under the Uninsured Motorist coverage that I had paid for. Mr. Puzzanghera, after being low-balled by my insurance company in response to a formal demand, filed a lawsuit against the insurance company on our behalf. Throughout the litigation process, Mr. Puzzanghera answered my questions and kept me up to date with the progress of the case. In the end, because of Mr. Puzzanghera’s efforts, we were able to reach the fair settlement that we deserved.

Joseph Arseneau

After my car accident I needed help to get the person responsible for the crash to pay for my medical treatment. Mr. Puzzanghera provided that help. The other driver’s insurance company would not take my claim seriously until Mr. Puzzanghera filed a lawsuit to make them properly evaluate my claim. By relying on Mr. Puzzanghera’s advice, I settled my claim for the limits of the available insurance coverage rather than the low offer that the insurance company initially made.

Altin Lipi

I was a passenger involved in a car accident in which the at fault driver carried only $10,000.00 liability limits, an amount that did not even begin to cover the medical bills incurred in treating my injuries. My own insurance company denied Underinsured Motorist coverage. Paul Puzzanghera obtained the limits of the available insurance coverage from the at fault driver, and then proceeded against my insurance company to force them to provide the benefits that I was entitled to under the law. Because of Mr. Puzzanghera’s efforts, my insurance company was made to pay for my medical bills, and for my pain and suffering. I was recently in another car accident and immediately went to Mr. Puzzanghera for help in getting fair compensation for my claim. Once again, I am getting the quality attention to my claim that I have come to expect from Mr. Puzzanghera and his office. I would not hesitate to recommend Puzzanghera Law Offices to my friends and relatives in the event that they should require the services of a personal injury attorney.

Eric Doyon

When I slipped and fell on a negligently maintained walkway at the apartment complex where I lived, the management of the apartments refused to pay for the medical care for my injuries, which included a broken wrist. While most personal injury claims settle without the need for a trial, the defendant in my case steadfastly refused to take responsibility for their failure to properly maintain the property, leaving me with no choice but to file a lawsuit. Unlike many lawyers, Mr. Puzzanghera is an experienced trial attorney. He took my claim through a full jury trial with the result being a verdict in my favor.

Scott Starkey

I was recommended to this law office back in 2017 by a good friend. When I went in to meet with the attorney I was so relieved. I did not meet with just a staff member but met directly with the attorney and his paralegal. I had never been in an accident before and had no idea what to do. He explained to me how my case would proceed and answered my multiple questions, and believe me I had plenty of questions. He told me that my job was to see a doctor and get to feeling better and to keep in touch with his office and to call with any questions. Throughout the entire process of my case I worked with him and his staff and they were great!! Whenever I needed to talk to Mr. Puzzanghera I could call him directly on his cell phone or through his office. I'm happy to say my case was settled and I was thrilled with the results. I was so pleased with the results from my first case, that I am back again with a second accident that unfortunately happened this year. I am confident this case will be handled just as professionally as my first case!!

Season Jones

I was in tough situation after an accident I was in of February 2017. I reached out to the Puzzanghera Law Firm that was recommended from a friend and I couldn’t be any happier with their service. I was struggling with the insurance company I have and had many issues seeking medical help due to the lack of communication. Once I got in touch with the Puzzanghera Law Firm they responded immediately and got on my case right away. The staff and Paul himself, who is my lawyer, was very efficient and honest with handling my case. He helped me received the medical treatment I needed and advised me in the right direction. I would say overall that the Puzzanghera Law Firm is dependable and consistent with their work. As of 2018/2019, I recently referred a close friend and she was extremely happy with this law firm. I am really glad she got positive results as recommended!

Martha Kalyvas

The Attorneys at Paul Puzzanghera law handled a case for a family member who had suffered from a hit and run on her bicycle. The guilty party was never found, which left her with a huge financial burden on top of a long recovery process. The Attorneys handles all aspects of the case from start to finish, in a professional and caring manner. They made sure that the insurance company paid out and covered all medical expenses, while she was in her time of need. They even took the time to come to the hospital on multiple occasions while she was recovering and could not walk. I'd like to thank them personally for their more than professional service and the individual care that they provided for my family. Highly recommend.

Anthony Pavone

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